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This Foundation or Benevolent Fund was established to help out Firefighter’s or their family members when emergent needs arise. It has been used in the past to grant funds in the case of death in the family, severe illnesses, a need to travel for health care and so on. The Fund is maintained through dues for membership in the VFABC. As well the use of the program funds is restricted to only those departments that have paid and continue to pay into the fund in an ongoing basis.

If you are a paid up member of the Volunteer Firefighters of B.C. then you can receive the benefits of the Foundation Fund:

Volunteer Firefighters Foundation Fund:
C/O Volunteer Firefighters’ Association of B.C.

921 Jubilee Street, Duncan, B.C., V9L 1Y2

Claims are made through your local Fire Chief who contacts:

PRESIDENT: Dustin Curry,              And/Or            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Art Sanderson
P.O. Box 100                                                                    921 Jubilee Street
Tumbler Ridge, B.C.                                                      Duncan, B.C.
V0C 2W0                                                                          V9L 1Y2
Ph. 250 242 3939                                                           Ph. 250 748 8871
e mail:                                               e mail

Please note the administration of the fund is with the office of the Volunteer Firefighters’ Association of B.C. in Duncan, B.C.
Mail: 921 Jubilee Street, Duncan, B.C., V9L 1Y2